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All Kaplan centres are based in central locations with easy access from public transport and are equipped with state of the art classrooms, communal student areas with free Wi-Fi access and refreshment facilities. All Kaplan Tutors are experts in their chosen field, using interactive exam focused teaching methods. You will find Kaplan staff knowledgeable, approachable, helpful and enthusiastic about your learning aims and continued studies.

AAT AQ2016 Advance Diploma - Synoptic Assessment/Spreadsheets for Accounting/Ethics for Accountants (AVSY, SPSH &ETFA)

AAT AQ2016 Advanced Diploma - Advanced Bookkeeping (AVBK)

AAT AQ2016 Advanced Diploma - Final Accounts Preparation (FAPR)

AAT AQ2016 Advanced Diploma - Indirect Tax (IDRX)

AAT AQ2016 Advanced Diploma - Management Accounting Costing (MMAC)

AAT AQ2016 Foundation - Elements of Costing (ELCO)

AAT AQ2016 Foundation - Foundation Synoptic Assessment/Working Effectively in Finance (FSYA & WEFN)

AAT AQ2016 Foundation - Using Accounting Software (UACS)

AAT AQ2016 Foundation -Bookkeeping Controls (BKCL)

AAT AQ2016 Foundation -Bookkeeping Transactions (BTRN)

AAT AQ2016 Professional Diploma - Business Tax (BSTX)

AAT AQ2016 Professional Diploma - Cash and Treasury Management (CTRM)

AAT AQ2016 Professional Diploma - Credit Management (CDMT)

AAT AQ2016 Professional Diploma - External Audit (ETAU)

AAT AQ2016 Professional Diploma - Financial Statements of Limited Companies (FSLC)

AAT AQ2016 Professional Diploma - Management Accounting: Decision and Control (MDCL)

AAT AQ2016 Professional Diploma - Management Accounting: Budgeting (MABU)

AAT AQ2016 Professional Diploma - Personal Tax (PLTX)

AAT AQ2016 Professional Diploma - Professional Synoptic Assessment/Accounting Systems and Controls (PDSY & ISYS)

ACA AC - Technical Knowledge Course

ACA AS - Technical Knowledge Course

ACA BF - Flexible Online Course

ACA LW - Flexible Online Course

ACA MI - Technical Knowledge Course

ACA PTX - Technical Knowledge Course

CIMA Certificate BA1 - FBE - Fundamentals of Business Economics

CIMA Certificate BA2 - FMA - Fundamentals of Management Accounting

CIMA Certificate BA3 - FFA - Fundamentals of Financial Accounting

CIMA Certificate BA4 - FECB - Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Governance & Business Law


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